Gyroscope July News

Welcome to the July news from Gyroscope

Hail loyal Gyro-fiends! It has been a while since our last news update so we thought we would drop you a line to tell you what has been happening in the land of Gyroscope. As it turns out, the boys are having a well deserved break but are no doubt beginning to itch for some time on-stage doing what they do best.

Two of the boys have been doing a spot of traveling in their time off, while others have been enjoying some well deserved home time since wrapping up their last tour on the national Groovin’ the Moo Festival in April & May. If you are eager to see the Gyros hit the stage once more, why not drop them a line on their Facebook page? As if you needed reminding it is over at

Meanwhile, Dan & Zok lined up last month to play a special acoustic set at the Boomers vs. China basketball match at Perth’s Challenge Stadium. They played a tasty short little set that included Baby, I’m Gettin’ Better, Fifty500 and more.

If you’re needing some Gyroscope footage to help get you through this rest period for the fellas, then we suggest that you get a little nostalgic with this live video of Doctor, Doctor from way back in 2004 at Sydney’s The Annandale. Click here to watch. Nice!

And finally, sometimes there is nothing more comforting that veging down in your favourite band tee (or bandanna, or keyring, or hoodie, whatever!) so we suggest that you check out the Official Gyroscope Merch Store over at Fist2Face. There are some juicy bargains at present.

That’s all for you. Stay tuned as we’ll be bringing you some exciting news Gyro-wise in the coming months.

Gyro HQ xx

None! They are resting. But keep your eyes peeled and you may hear some good news soon.

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